Building this Blog with Symfony!

Building this Blog with Symfony!

What an adventure it was to discover and learn Symfony! Today here we are: the blog is finally in production.
Learning a new web framework is really exciting when you are passionate about programming.
There may be moments of doubt and complexity when approaching such a tool. And then we learn little by little and then come the moments of wonder at the effectiveness of what an entire community has been able to develop and maintain over the years.

Symfony is a real jewel of technology. PHP is not dead friends! 🐘


Also, I would like to thank Lior Chamla who created a gem of a Symfony training course, a must-have for entering the environment of this framework with the right keys in hand. Tested and approved! ➡️ Training course link here ⬅️

I will soon write an article where I will present some key moments of the project in more detail (you can already see the repo on Github) and why I chose to build this blog with Symfony rather than a classic WordPress. I think it will interest some who are starting with the framework.


  • Symfony
  • Twig
  • Sass
  • JavaScript